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The representation we provide includes personal injury, wrongful death, family law, disability claims, commercial litigation, business law, estate planning and real estate law.

As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with advertising. The legal profession contributes to this barrage. Television, radio and newspaper ads tout the services of out-of-town, urban law firms to the point that seeking qualified local representation may never occur to a person with a legal need.

Ace Chambers Group, L.L.P., in Paris, Texas, is a respected and historic law firm that focuses on a five-county area, including: Lamar County, Delta County, Red River County, Fannin County and Hopkins County. We understand the needs of northeast Texans because we have been in the community since 1893. But, despite our northeast Texas focus, Ace Chambers Group, L.L.P. can handle personal injury and wrongful death claims anywhere in the State of Texas.



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  • Gary Growles

    i appreciate you for all your standing by me and getting my properties back. Thanks

  • Ivan Stepaniv

    Well done in helping to get justice.

  • Jorge Lopez

    I will continue to recommend your services.. This is awesome.

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